Train for Birth

Are you a first time expecting mom planning an all-natural birth??

Are you an expecting mom going for an all-natural birth this time around??

This workshop is for YOU!! TRAIN FOR BIRTH is for expecting moms who desire an ALL-NATURAL BIRTH EXPERIENCE!!

Saturday, September 7, 2019


Location: Fort Worth Birthing and Wellness Center

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Prepare your body for birth and increase your chances of having a vaginal delivery. Baby optimal position is a huge factor on the time your baby takes to navigate your pelvic pathway to your arms. You will receive hands on training on how to endure labor/birth physically and mentally. We will cover stretching, labor/birth positions, movement, relaxing and how to maintain your birth zone mental focus. You will leave this workshop with a training program for your last few weeks of pregnancy to build up your endurance for childbirth. We will also cover common positions and movements used by doulas and midwives during active labor/transition to help bring you baby to your arms.

Please wear comfortable clothing to move around in and walking shoes.  Bring a yoga mat and 2 pillows. Water will be provided.

You will need to be between 34+ weeks gestation to attend this workshop.

Space is limited

Questions please call/text me at 512-801-2900, Doula Krisha

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Trained Testimonials:

“This workshop truly prepares you both physically and mentally for what to expect during labor. I feel so much more confident knowing positions and techniques that Krisha taught. Would definitely recommend to ALL pregnant moms and their support person.” Katharine N.

“I came into the class not knowing anything, second birth, but first did not go the way I was hoping. I wasn’t in control, the hospital staff was. Now that I have taken this class, I know I am the one in control, I have a say and I now have knowledge on movements to use, breathing techniques and the stages of labor I didn’t know before. Thank you!” -Sommer C.

“Krisha is wonderful, I would recommend everyone to attend at least one of her classes. I have attended birth prep 101, her postpartum class and Train for Birth and each class I have learned valuable information that I can’t believe isn’t shared with every expecting mother!” -Tequila G.

“Krisha is very educated and experienced as a doula and is an expert in natural childbirth! She’s patient, understanding and always willing to answer questions in person or online. I highly recommend all of her courses and to hire her as your doula! I can’t praise her enough!” -Evita L.

“I came to this course to learn more about tips and some movements to have a better labor. It is more than I expected. I learn many things even when this is my first pregnancy. So now I will be more prepared for my birth day. Thanks Krisha.” -Alejandra V.

“This was on of the most helpful classes I’ve taken. I am an over preparer, so I like to know as much as possible. This was wonderful and very helpful.” -Desiree H.