Train for 10 Centimeters

Empowering educational event to educate YOU on your birth, postpartum, baby options, choices and rights in TEXAS!!


Professional Birth Training Team:

Krisha Crosley CD(DONA), BBCD
Serenity Life Doula

Traci Santangelo CNM, IBCLC
Birth Pointe Midwifery

Dr Kenyon Godwin, DC
Active Family Wellness Center

Nikia Lawson CD(DONA)
Birth Blessings

Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, Labor On!


“Everybody was so knowledgeable and their level of experience and expertise is palpable. It was awesome to see the teamwork from all these professionals and their passion towards helping others. I do recommend all the classes…not only this one! Priceless!!” -Frances C.

“Enjoyed, learned, empowered, feel confident, worth time and money. Krisha and her team are the best.” -Jessica P.

“As a first time dad, it was great information to be taught how to help my wife.” -Jordan

“As a husband it is empowering to know how to properly support my wife in our endeavor.” -Rigoberto

“For a first time mom like me. This training is very helpful. My fears is lessen. I am more confident. I would recommend to my friends expecting mom. Educate yourself. All the organizers and speakers done a very great job!” -Isabel B.

“As a man I feel that I am able to handle any situation life throws at me. This was no different with family planning. When my wife & I decided to start a family I felt as if I already knew how to be a father, and that there wasn’t much that I could gain from birthing classes, information seminars & other resources for expecting parents. MAN WAS I WRONG… While most of the information does speak specifically to mothers, there are tips & techniques that provide fathers the confidence needed to give the necessary support to our significant others while birthing our children. I will admit that initially I felt they were a waste of time, but in attending birthing classes not only did I gain confidence in myself handing the unknowns of child birth, but I also increased the confidence of my wife, as this experience has clearly pushed her to her limits. As men we take pride in being fixers, but during child birth we are limited in our abilities to ease the discomfort of our loved ones. Learning how, when, & what to do in order to be the rock that our women need, is priceless, and I am so glad I invested in learning.”
-Brandon M.