Serenity Life Doula Birth Story Successes

As a man I feel that I am able to handle any situation life throws at me. This was no different with family planning. When my wife & I decided to start a family I felt as if I already knew how to be a father, and that there wasn’t much that I could gain from birthing classes, information seminars & other resources for expecting parents. MAN WAS I WRONG… While most of the information does speak specifically to mothers, there are tips & techniques that provide fathers the confidence needed to give the necessary support to our significant others while birthing our children. I will admit that initially I felt they were a waste of time, but in attending birthing classes not only did I gain confidence in myself handing the unknowns of child birth, but I also increased the confidence of my wife, as this experience has clearly pushed her to her limits. As men we take pride in being fixers, but during child birth we are limited in our abilities to ease the discomfort of our loved ones. Learning how, when, & what to do in order to be the rock that our women need, is priceless, and I am so glad I invested in learning.

-Brandon M.  Arlington, Texas


I use the BengKung belly binding, I highly recommend it, by the 3rd week I was using my pre pregnant clothes, love it ūüėäūüĎćūüŹĽ

-Evelyn H. Irving, Texas


“We had an amazing birth experience and a big part of that was having Krisha’s positive encouragement and support through the entire process with us. She is a calming & positive energy and made the pushing and process easier. I highly recommend her as a wonderful Doula.”

-Samantha A. Austin, Texas


‚ÄúI was pretty apprehensive about employing a Doula after hearing some less-than-stellar criticisms of some in the field. I needed someone to be there to advocate for me without being pushy or judgmental. She was very supportive of me and worked extremely well with my doctor and nurses. An excellent advocate and sounding board, Krisha helped me talk through my options so that I could make the best decision for me. My doctor even commented afterwards on how professional and helpful Krisha was throughout the labor and birth. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or experience and I am grateful that she was there for the birth of my daughter.

I cannot express how important it was for me to feel supported and have someone there that was not critical, but rather constructive in her feedback. She listened to me and responded accordingly with patience and kindness even in the most stressful part of my birthing experience.

I feel that Krisha Crosley should be a teacher of other doulas. She is amazing.‚ÄĚ

-Malia H. Fort Worth


“Krisha was great. She was already familiar with the healthcare providers and asked me questions to make sure I was making an informed decision to use my healthcare provider

She took pictures for me.  I thought it was really nice of her to do such. She also taught me to not hold my breath when I really wanted too. Everything she ever told me before labor I was able to remember important points during. It truly help me get through my delivery effortlessly and without any medications

Krisha was there for me twice and I would strongly recommend her to anyone. She made the birthing experience a fascinating journey.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄďMontrese D. Fort Worth


“Natural Birth. No medication. Labor and deliver in the water. My birth plan was all set and I was ready to bring my beautiful baby into this world. I labored at home for about 10 hours before heading to the hospital. We received discouraging news at the hospital that I was only dilated to a 2. ¬†I continued to labor without medication for another 10 hours. I dilated to around a 5. It was then that I requested an epidural. I was put on pitocin. I labored for another 20 hours, dilated to a 10, and pushed for a few hours. In the end I received a c-section. Although my birth experience was not what I had planned, I am grateful for the support provided from Krisha. I would have lost my mind without her support and encouragement.

I welcomed a healthy baby boy on Jan. 4th and I would not change a thing about my laboring experience. I never would have known what my body was truly capable of without the support of my Doula. Things beyond anyone’s control prevented the ideal birth experience for me, but I am so glad that I tried as hard as I could. Given the opportunity, I would have Krisha by my side again to support and encourage me through the birthing process.”

-Sarah P. Fort Worth, Texas


“Krisha was an absolute blessing during the birth of our beautiful son. Our birth plan did not pan out the way that we had hoped, and she was an incredibly comforting and calming source during our 56 hour marathon labor! To say that she went above and beyond for our family would be an understatement. This was our first child, and there is no question that we will be using Krisha with our subsequent pregnancies!”

-Erica M. Waxahachie, Tx


“Yesterday Krisha helped my daughter and her new baby girl Scarlet. Five months ago she helped my other daughter deliver a baby girl Chloe! One daughter labored for almost 66 hours and Krisha was there the entire time! Unbelievable stamina and care she gave my precious daughters! I love you Krisha and you made birthing tolerable!”

-Margaret H. Dallas, Tx


“Very thankful for Krisha’s help and advice with my newborn. She’s an amazing person!!”

-Gabriela M. Spring, Tx


“I am so thankful for Krisha’s involvement in the birth of our son. Her skill and expertise was one of the most helpful tools in achieving the natural birth I wanted so much. She was everything I could have asked for in a Doula. From the prenatal visits to his birth, she was informative, encouraging, emotionally supportive, calming and caring. I don’t know that I could have accomplished what I did without her. My son had many complications during his birth and a natural birth was exactly what was needed to get him out safely. I attribute his safety and mine and my husbands success in this to our amazing support team which Krisha was the biggest part of. Even now she is still there for me answering questions and checking on us and baby boy. I am not only thankful for her as our Doula but as a person and a friend!”

-Jordan M.  Fort Worth, Tx


“Krisha was a critical part of our first pregnancy. She was our go-to person for the many questions we had as we anticipated the exciting (and terrifying) day of delivery. She was key in our education about the delivery process, which helped me ask the right questions to my OBGYN and brought me peace of mind.¬† Once my contractions started and we decided it was time to call Krisha, she quickly came to our house and stood by our side for the many and long hours of labor. With her resourcefulness and calming attitude, she helped tremendously making my labor as comforting as possible. During delivery, she was instrumental in communications with the hospital staff, like making sure we understood all of our options.
Even after our baby was born, Krisha continued to provide priceless advice and encouragement through breast feeding obstacles.
If I had to to it over, I would definitely have Krisha as my Doula again!”
-Diana B. Mansfield, Tx
“Krisha was an amazing support and encouragement through a long start and stop labor. She was with us over 24 hours, suggesting many different techniques for comfort and progression. When thIngs finally ended up taking a different turn, she stayed with us in the hospital until our little guy made his appearance, even letting the midwife use her camera to capture pictures of our birth that we will treasure forever. She was patient, knowledgeable and calming, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a strong and unwavering support through their labor and birth!”
-Emily F. North Richland Hills, Tx


“Wonderful, great help to everyone going thru this for the first time should get a Doula like Krisha.”

-Mauro B.  Mansfield, Tx


“Krisha was amazing!! She explained and answered all of our questions during the birth and previously. Also she totally kept us in the zone and on the right track to our beautiful birth.”

-Beau H. Crowley, Tx


“Our birth experience was wonderful with Krisha at our side. We could not have asked for a better person to have helped support us during this time.” ūüôā

-Rhiannone H. Crowley, Tx


‚ÄúKrisha is amazing! She was my Doula for my 2nd child and first natural birth. ¬†I could not have done it without her!‚ÄĚ

-Melanie O. Mansfield, Tx


“I always told myself that I would have natural childbirth, my first one didn’t go through as planned. I was induced so I had no experience with contractions or any pain, an epidural, a c-section, and a boyfriend who was kinda confused. Here I go again with baby number two, and this time I was determined more than ever. I would wonder how will I know if I have a contraction if I never experienced menstrual cramps. I found out the day of my due date. I had dull pain that would come every 5 minutes, but I ignore them because I thought it was from the dancing, and squats I was doing earlier. They were hard to sleep through at night but I was still able to walk and talk so maybe I should wait until the next day. They continued but this time every 3 to 4 minutes, I would breathe in and out and constantly say aloud “this pain will not last long.” It worked until I finally decided to go to the hospital just to make sure nothing was happening. There is where I met my Doula Krisha. I was 6 to 7cm dilated when checked and was told the baby will be coming soon. I was nervous. She made sure the did not medicate me with any drug and I was afraid I wouldn’t know how or when to push and would take back my words on having a natural birth. The contractions was rolling in and Krisha would remind me to breathe in through my nose and out my mouth, she would hold me, and press on my hips which made the contractions bearable. It was taking a while for my water to break so they did the honors of breaking it and from there on my body was in control. With every contractions my body wanted to push, and by my side she guided me thru the entire process. At the end when the ob grabbed my baby, I said to myself “I did it!” I delivered an 8lb 1.3oz baby boy naturally! I knew without Krisha I would have asked for that epidural. She helped me stay calm and take on those contractions. The best experienced I had, and I would probably do it again. I encourage all mothers to have a natural birth. Thank you Krisha for your support and your help in one of the greatest experience in my life!”

–Brianna H. ¬† Farmers Branch, TX


“The second time around at being pregnant was all too familiar to me and so it seemed.¬† My due date came to past and the crib still laid empty for baby‚Äôs homecoming.¬† Worried as I may be since my first pregnancy came on time, I thought something had gone wrong. Contrary to my liking, my doctor proposed getting an induction and not waiting 2 extra weeks though everything seemed normal with baby.¬† I was rehearsed on all the things that could go wrong, which got me even more worried for my unborn child.¬† I was already holding the mantle of parenthood alone and did not have the emotional support I needed but I thank God for Krisha, my Doula.¬† She was there keeping my faith up on having a natural and healthy birth.¬† And at exactly 41 weeks into my pregnancy my faith paid off with a deep sign of relief.¬† I was going into active labor and without fail, Krisha was there helping me through the demanding stages of laboring pains.¬† From the early morning hours that I needed her to the time I rested at ease with my newborn baby in my arms she was there with a comforting hug of reassurance a misted all her other pain relieving abilities.¬† In my most vulnerable times, I cannot say enough how much that pulled me through it all.¬† And as this chapter in my life comes to a close,¬†I am left with a feeling of deep gratitude for her priceless caring.”

–Keo S. Watauga, Tx


“Krisha acted as my Doula for the birth of my second child, which was an attempted Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC).

I had originally planned for Krisha to simply be in my home while I labored, to handle incoming calls from family, and keep my husband and I supplied with food and water. Little did I know that the hormones of labor do not just addle the mother’s mind, but the father’s as well! My husband was quite unlike his usual calm, certain self, and my poor beloved walked around in circles so anxious and unfamiliar were we with this new-to-us process of laboring at home.

I still thank God for Krisha being there for us, and for our baby girl. Krisha smoothly stepped in where my husband could not be by himself. They both held my hands, they both rubbed my back and helped me to move to different positions. Krisha was tireless, staying calm and positive, checking on me through four days of very light labor, and staying right in the trenches with my husband for a full 26 hours of true labor before it became evident to our midwife that a second Cesarean was, in fact, our only option.

My husband and I were heartbroken, and our midwife saddened as well, as she knew how dearly we had hoped to birth at home. But Krisha was the light that never dimmed during our momentary fear and anguish. She remained firm, reassuring, and moved swiftly to ensure I did not become engulfed by the perceived failure.

She said to me, “let’s go to the hospital and have a baby. She will be in your arms before the day is over,” and her serenity cut through all my sorrow and fear. That’s just what we did–we went to the hospital, and I had my baby before the sun went down!

My first birth by C-section was a nightmare I still hate to recall, characterized by fear and anger among my attendants. This bad first experience is what made our emotional response so sharp to an already-scary-enough circumstance in our second birth.

To any mother who has had a scary birth experience, or simply has any of the natural worries associated with childbirth, no matter where or how you plan to labor or give birth, take Krisha with you. Whatever comes up, whatever emotions your journey brings, she can handle it, and she can handle you, too.

She truly is an asset to the birthing team.”

–Megan Creel, Austin, TX

“My experience¬†with Krisha¬†was absolutely phenomenal. I knew throughout my pregnancy that I wanted to make choices that were based on what was best for my baby – but sometimes I didn’t know if I could do it. Having¬†Krisha there helped me so much.¬†¬†At one point during labor the doctor said¬†I needed to have a heart monitor put on the baby’s head and¬†the fear for my baby was horrible.¬†Not to mention¬†there was a doctor and nurse standing over telling me¬†there recommendations and I was not likening my options.¬†Krisha cleared the room and calmed the space and found out what I wanted to do and handled everything beautifully! ¬†Then I felt confident about the road ahead. ¬† I feel extremely confident in her skills, and couldn’t have asked for a more proficient person to be by my side at that time, especially as we encountered obstacles along the way during labor.¬† Krisha made me and my family feel at ease during the whole experience. I know Krisha really cares about the health of babies and mothers¬†and¬†she shows it! I honestly would¬† have¬†Krisha¬†help me through another pregnancy and birth and highly recommend her!”
–Jackie, Austin, TX
Krisha Crosley, CD(DONA)
Serenity Life Doula
Certified Birth Doula