Acupressure reduces any emotional or physical discomfort a person may be having by applying firm pressure with your thumbs or index fingers on specific areas of the body.  It is an energetic-based medicine that dates back from China about 2500BC. Acupressure is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment for pregnancy discomforts and baby positioning. Read More


Used for centuries to support the body in various capacities; aromatherapy can be support a laboring mother in various stages of labor. I utilize doTERRA essential oils in my practice. Contact me for more details.

Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung means a strip of cloth in the Indonesia language. Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Indonesian treatment of tightly wrapping a long strip of cloth, Stagan, around a woman’s middle section.

Bengkung works by twisting and weaving the strip of cloth tightly around a woman’s middle section and thighs so her muscles remain engaged and unmoving. Read More

Breastfeeding Support/Lactation Education

Breast is Best!  Sometimes breastfeeding is not easy and you may experience some discomfort.  Breastfeeding should not hurt! Education is the key to establishing a wonderful breastfeeding bond with your new little one. I offer breastfeeding pampering and lactation education in the comfort of your own home postpartum. Please contact me for more information.

Childbirth Education

I am a firm believer in the more you know about a subject the better educated decisions you can make about that subject.  Education is the keyl for a better birthing experience.  Know your birth options in the state of Texas!!  I offer private childbirth play options in the comfort of your home.  Please contact me for more information.

Doula Services

I offer birth professional coaching in the DFW, Texas area. Doula is a Greek word that means woman caregiver. A birth Doula in present time is best described as a woman who is educated in the process of labor and who helps provide the birthing mother and her partner constant emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in gathering information before, during and right after childbirth. A postpartum Doula provides care for the mother, baby, partner and family after childbirth in the home.

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A TENS unit is a hand held, battery operated device that transmits mild, soothing electrical impulses through the skin via stimulating pads to stimulate nerve fibers.  It is a safe, non-pharmacological method of pain control in labor and the unit is controlled by the laboring mother. Read More