Doula Information

What is a Doula?

Doula is a Greek word that means woman caregiver. A birth doula in present time is best described as a woman who is educated in the process of labor and who helps provide the birthing mother and her partner constant emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in gathering information before, during and right after childbirth. A postpartum doula provides care for the mother, baby, partner and family after childbirth in the home.

My doula responsibilities are to mother the mother by providing the following:

  • Knowledge of the birthing experience is a key event in a mother’s life and she will remember for the rest of her life
  • Knowing the birthing process and what will be needed emotionally by a mother in labor
  • Education for the mother and partner with informational materials and resources about the ends and outs of the birth process so they can make healthy decisions for their birth plan.
  • Emotional and mental support to the birthing mother
  • Knowing breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning comfort measures that help the mother during labor
  • Constantly by mother’s side and offers continuous reassurance and comfort
  • Advocating for the mother so her birth plan is carried out and helps with communication between her and her care providers
  • Helps look out for the partner, like bathroom breaks, sleep if needed and food. Also supports the partner in helping the birthing mother, she is not there to replace the partner.
  • Follow up postpartum visit after birth to see if any other questions can be answered or additional breastfeeding help needed

Why Use a Doula?

There are great benefits to having a birth doula.  Recent studies show that women that use a doula, along with her partner, throughout their labor and child birthing experience have a more positive birth experience and outcome. Here is a list of very impressive benefits:

  • 60% reduction in cesareans using pain relief during labor
  • 80% reduction in cesareans with non medicated labor
  • 34% reduction in forceps or vacuum
  • 60%  reduction in epidurals
  • 9% reduction in pain medications
  • 25% reduction in labor hours
  • 31% reduction in synthetic oxytocin (pitocin)
  • Breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum has increased
  • 6 weeks postpartum mothers have higher self-esteem, less anxiety and less depression

What a Doula is Not

As your doula there are some aspects of the birthing process I am not educated or qualified to perform while you are in labor:

  • I do not perform clinical tasks.
  • I do not do vaginal examinations.
  • I do not do fetal heart rate checks.
  • I do not take your blood pressure.
  • I do not make decisions for you on what procedures you should or should not have.
  • I do not read medical equipment and tell you what I think.
  • I do not communicate to the medical staff in your place regarding matters where decisions must be made.

***My job is to educate you and your partner so the both of you can make educated decisions about your birth and baby. Then support your decisions by providing emotional, mental and physical comfort measures as you labor your baby to your arms. Healthy mommy, healthy baby, LABOR ON!

My Doula Services

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! If you are interested in my professional birth doula services, please contact me for a no obligation consultation!

Serenity Life Doula Birth Doula Services:

  • No obligation consultation to see if we are a compatible birth team fit.
  • I will be on call 2 weeks before your due date up until your baby is born.
  • I will also have a back up doula for emergency purposes or illness.
  • I accept cash, checks or Paypal.

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