Bengkung Belly Binding


Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung means a strip of cloth in the Indonesia language. Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Indonesian treatment of tightly wrapping a long strip of cloth, Stagan, around a woman’s middle section.

Bengkung works by twisting and weaving the strip of cloth tightly around a woman’s middle section and thighs so her muscles remain engaged and unmoving.  After a woman has given birth, Bengkung Belly Binding has the below benefits:

  • As little at 3 days a woman’s uterus can go through involution naturally. Involution is the process by which the uterus attempts to return to its normal prepregnancy size and condition.
  • Helps reshape and support the postpartum pelvic organs and abdomen muscles closer into the body.
  • It can help heal an incision from a Cesarean properly.
  • Provides support for your internal organs and midsection.
  • Makes a body slimmer through the mid-section.
  • It pulls the separated diastasis recti back together.
  • Helps reshape the backbone and body posture.

You can receive belly binding 1 day after giving birth vaginally or 1 week after delivering via cesarean.

I am trained in Bengkung Belly Binding and would be happy to help you regain your pre baby figure back quicker!! This service can be added to your birth doula package with me or if you are already postpartum and would like belly binding. I accept belling binding clients every month of the year with a simple phone call.

Please contact me for your Bengkung Belly Binding service today!!

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